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power clean solutions

At Power Clean Solutions, our experts are both professors and students to cleanliness.

Alos, we know that our cutting-edge tools and gear are only as efficient as the technician who is handling them to use. For this reason, we train our technicians extensively on the methods and the tools needed to maintain any HVAC system and give them the deep clean results we live for.

It all starts from our home office in one of the central parts of Dallas, Texas, where experts are committed to each of our services— from carpet cleaning to tile, hardwood, furniture and lots more.

These experts are always on the lookout for better ways to clean the surfaces in your attic and HVAC systems. We constantly refine our process to make sure that our customers get the deepest kind of cleaning inches possible.

The knowledge from base is shared with our technicians across Dallas via our own corporate training program. The curriculum involved comprises hands-on and classroom learning, all of which we go through to tower safety, customer satisfaction and the best cleaning methods there are.

professional education

For us, learning never stops. Our technicians will further their professional education via a web-based program. This is how we keep them up to speed with the latest research, developments and initiatives in the sector.

But beyond these programs, many of our technicians get extra intensive training, especially when they want to get certifications via third parties like the Institute of Inspection Clean and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Our clients are always at liberty to expect a network of the most highly trained and qualified professionals in the duct cleaning industry. They come along with state of the art equipment and cleaning tools for their individual needs.

Living in an air polluted environment can be quite the risky one. And, that is a situation that possibly leads to health hazards. Regular duct cleaning service will help maintain a healthy environment through cleaner air. Our Dallas-based professionals are experts in HVAC duct cleaning, and have the tools and experience to get the job done right.

You can trust the professional air duct and HVAC cleaning service providers to bring the freshness of clean air back home.

So, this us; nothing out of the naturally extraordinary but still unlike anything you have ever seen. What we do is try to get better everyday so we can serve anyone better. We can’t be doing attic cleaning or HVAC maintenance like they did in the 70s, because many things have changed between then and now.

At Power Clean Solutions, we ink the paper of the right partnerships. We do not work with quacks or off-the-street-handymen with no certification or license. Our technicians are well schooled; that’s why all your HVAC cleaning tasks will be done optimally.

If we didn’t want to do this business and do it well, we would not have come this far. So, there is more to achieve for us than just the money you pay for our services. You want to find out? Just give us a call!

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