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Blower Motor Cleaning and Maintenance in Dallas, TX

Winter is coming.

Furnaces are one of the most frequent types of heating systems in plenty of homes. For families that want a central heating system, they usually go with raw furnaces because they are often easy to install. There is an abundance of furnace installers and professionals who can clean and maintain one. But as far as Dallas, Texas is concerned, you shouldn;t go past Clean Power Solutions.

Blower Motor Cleaning and Maintenance in Dallas, TX
Blower Motor Cleaning and Maintenance in Dallas, TX

Blower cleaning is an essential routine designed to maintain the functioning and longevity of the appliance, as well as the blower. Rather than using a furnace, you can use this. They are used for different kinds of furnaces, air conditioning systems, leaf vacuums, refrigerators, snow removal tractors and  optical cleaning blowers among many others.

The main purpose of the blower is to clean off what you don’t want to get into your HVAC and in your home. It can get rid of dust, leaves, snow, soot, fingerprints and oil tans in lens cases without leaving a scratch. Duet is the cruel opposition to your air conditioning appliances. You will need a conventional blower if you are using a furnace or air conditioner.

Otherwise, the accumulated dust will put your appliance into a high-level repair condition, drastically reducing its efficiency. That’s not all, because should the dust particles start piling up on the blower, there is nothing stopping harmful stuff like motor failure, fire risk or a polluted atmosphere from becoming a part of your home. The allergies would be aggravated.

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Clean Power Solutions is meticulous when it comes to cleaning the blower assembly of your furnace. Removing the blower assembly can prove to be very challenging or even impossible for owners who are not trained in this area.

There are things such as fan motor wiring harness connectors to switch off and there things you are not supposed to touch, for example, the terminals that are found on the capacitor. When the cleaning is completed, our trained technicians will clean or change your filters, hook up wires, brush off and vacuum a-coils.

In no time, your darling furnace will be set to run through a few cycles before it can be left unattended. Keep in mind that your home’s heating system or furnace should be serviced at least once every year in order to keep it running at optimal levels.

Why You Should Use Our Services

At Power Clean Solutions, we believe that choosing the right service provider is vital to cleaning your blower assembly and furnace, as well as the general health of your HVAC system.

The confidence to perform a good cleaning service can only come from years of experience, and Air Duct Brothers have years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

From cleaning furnace components to cleaning complex HVAC duct systems, nothing is impossible with our state-of-the-art equipment.. When you work with us, all you can expect is  the best.

Our technicians are certified, licensed and insured, so there are no worries for you.

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