Dallas Dryer Vent Cleaning

Professional Drayer Vent Cleaning Service in Dallas, TX

Did you know that some thousands of structural fires happen every year as a result of cloth dryers? According to estimates, those fires incur over one hundred million dollars of property loss each year, not to mention the gory injuries and the slow deaths.

Dallas Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in Dallas. We’re the best air duct and dryer vent cleaning experts in Dallas, TX.

The most common harbinger of dryer fires is a clogged dryer vent, which may have gone unnoticed. The good news is that this problem can be prevented with just proper and regular cleaning for those vents. Schedule a dryer vent cleaning service online with Power Clean Solutions or give us a phone call.

What’s Dryer Vent Cleaning Anyway?

All homeowners out there should take cognizance of the last time their dryer vent was cleaned out by a professional. When you hire the services of an expert to help you take care of this kind of work, you can rest assured that our technicians will ensure that they remove the lint and other debris that could group to jam the venting system. This is usually what leads to fires. But no, not here.

At Power Clean Solutions, we make use of specialized and cutting-edge tools to force the air inside your dryer vent out. We will carefully clean out the system without leaving any kind of mess behind. When you call any of our handymen to your location, they will check out your dryer and give you a safer dryer cleaning service plan.

When Should I Clean?

Depending on how much you use your drying appliance, you will want to have it cleaned and thoroughly inspected one every 3 to 12 months. For the bigger households that manage no less than one or two loads of laundry every day need to schedule periodic inspections.

That is needed to help them determine how long they can go between one dryer vent cleaning service and another. Should you do laundry a lot less frequently, scheduling dryer vent cleaning once each year is just about enough in most cases.

Bear it in the rear of your mind that even when you clean your lint trap frequently, not all the lint for your laundry is ejected from the system. As a matter of fact, only some 25 percent of the lint from all your laundry is collected by the so-called lint trap that you would slide out of the front of your dryer.

What that means is: the rest is building up in the dryer vent system, restricting airflow and making your dryer to work twice as hard to achieve the same results. As a result, there is every chance you will soon start paying more for your monthly energy bills. Plus, you would be putting your home in harm’s way firewise. Just know how often to clean your dryer vent and stick to that one maintenance plan.

Every now and then when it is time for the vents to be looked at, we would be on the other end of the phone call you place to our number.

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