UV Light System

Originally, ultraviolet light was used to cure tuberculosis. But today, it is used in the sterilization of hospitals, preserving some foods during processing, and treating water as well as air. Germicidal lamps, for example, can make your Dallas, Texas home quite the healthy one to live in.

An ultraviolet lamp has the capacity to clean HVAC systems and better the quality of air in your living space. It can give mold, bacteria, viruses and other kinds of microorganism a one-kill wipeout within 10 seconds of establishing contact.

This, in the long run, brings relief to asthmatic people and allergy sufferers, especially in hot and humid locales where mild and bacteria build megacities. With these lights, your HVAC system may be helped to run longer, since they are quite clean.

Experts from Power Clean Solutions can suggest the needed equipment for your home and family’s needs, considering everything from compatibility to efficiency. All the work by our service experts is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for a period of one year.

How Does UV Lighting Work?

UV lighting uses its  ultraviolet light to kill mold spores and bacteria that stand to threaten your family’s health and happiness inside your own property.

The two types of UV lighting systems are:

  • Germicidal air purifiers. These units kill airborne mold and bacteria in the air stream of your HVAC system
  • Coil-mounted UV lights. These units kill mold in the cooling coil condensate drain pan of your air conditioner.

Bear in mind that both types of UV light systems are very dependable. Nevertheless, both will require some maintenance on a yearly basis. You will also need to replace the light bulb once a year.

Then, do not forget to schedule occasional cleaning services to ensure it is always at optimal performance. Power Clean Solutions can provide this routine maintenance to keep your UV lighting system in prime condition.

Our team at Clean Power Solutions can install the light air purification systems. Based on their advanced technology, these systems can safely and effectively reduce mold, allergens, viruses, and stinky odors. These machines provide another layer of clean and fresh air throughout the entire house.

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Because we want to care for our clients, we provide them with complete availability, which also ensures that every customer receives the well deserved personalization and expert service. We give flat rate prices, do not surprise you with random fees in your final bill and pride ourselves in being transparent enough to provide the best UV light system-related service in Dallas, Texas.

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Using UV light in your home is not a dangerous play as far as you are using some preventive measures. The sun lets off ultraviolet light, which has a smaller wavelength than the kind you can see.

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