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Chimney Sweep Service in Dallas, Texas

Power Clean Solutions is proud to provide expert chimney sweep service to residential, commercial, and institutional properties everywhere in the Dallas, Texas area.

Chimney Sweep. We have provided professional fireplace and chimney sweep in Dallas, TX
Our technician provides professional fireplace and chimney sweep in Dallas, TX

In order to safely operate your fireplace, it’s an absolute must to have your chimneys periodically sweeped in order to remove dirt, dust, and flammable creosote that builds up on the walls of your chimney. These carbon build-ups can restrict smoke flow, causing smoke to flow back into your home, increases carbon monoxide levels, corrodes the walls of your chimney, and increases the risk of fires. It’s also possible for animals to get stuck inside chimneys, causing obstructions or foul odors.

Power Clean Solutions’ professional chimney sweeping service includes sweeping, pressure washing, and all necessary air duct care related services necessary to pinpoint and remedy all signs of chimney, chimney vent, and fireplace hazards.

Our professional chimney sweep service can remove twigs, leaves, and other obstructions from your chimneys, as well as other kidneys of residue – purging and cleaning all aspects of your chimney and fireplace including fireboxes, smoke chambers, and dampers.

Contact Power Clean Solutions today in order to arrange convenient and affordable chimney sweeping solutions for your Dallas area property – always offered at a reasonable and competitive budget friendly rate.

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