Commercial Sanitation

Commercial Sanitation Service in Dallas, TX

See, your business is our business. Our dedicated commercial account representatives and technicians will have consultations with you. The theme is determining the specific needs of your business, from ongoing preventative maintenance to emergency repairs and replacements.

Commercial Sanitation  in Dallas, TX
Commercial Sanitation in Dallas, TX

Power Clean Solutions At Your Service

A clean ductwork is often the first major step when it comes to the removal of airborne contaminants and allergens from your living space. Power Clean Solutions will clean from the point where the air gains access to the system to the point where it leaves the units.

But this is only one of the processes in our commercial cleaning services. We also include the girls and registers, a way through which we keep the particles out of your home’s air.

When we do the duct cleaning for your business, it would enable the HVAC systems to run in a more efficient way. That, in turn, reduces the risk of fire in HVAC systems, most crucially when it comes to manufacturing facilities where combustion dust is in abundance.

According to the EPA, a build up of only 0.42 inches of dirt on your heating or cooling coil is enough to create a 21 percent decrease in your unit’s efficiency. Those are the numbers.

If your ductwork is filled with dirt, it can load filters fast and cause even more stress on the air handler. How do you know this is happening? Your energy bills go on a fattening spree.

When you heat coils get blocked, likewise in mixing boxes, VAV boxes and other terminal boxes, it can result in a restricted flow of air.

Heating, cooling and air quality experts you can count on

If you have a dysfunctional air conditioning system in the office, it can not only bring about your employees and that of your staff, but it will also impact overall productivity in the workplace.

Power Clean Solutions provides commercial HVAC services that help your place of business and never lack heating and cooling systems. . Our  professional and industry standard commercial HVAC services include:

  • AC and heating repair and replacement of units up to 25 tons.
  • Duct repair and replacement wherever necessary.
  • Thermostat installation and repair.
  • Indoor air-quality solutions to make your home cleaner.
  • Most comprehensive warranty program in the industry.
  • Free commercial estimates right when we get on site.
  • Preventive maintenance plans customized for your business in the long term.
  • Licensed heating and air conditioning professionals who have all undergone extensive background checks and drug screens.

Whether your systems are in need of some repairs and routine checks or you just came to the market for the expert commercial HVAC installation, your Dallas, Texas-based commercial sanitation service provider can do many things to help.

Just give us a call to learn more about what we have to offer the HVAC department of your enterprise.

The cleanliness of your business’ HVAC units is our concern. We may sound evasive right now, but you actually need us. Just like we need you and every other person in the world.

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