Air Duct Cleaning Dallas

Professional Dallas Residential and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Power Clean Solutions provides expert air duct cleaning services to residential and commercial properties throughout the Dallas, Texas area. Our indoor air quality technicians can clean your entire air duct and HVAC system, removing dust and debris from all components and hardware including blowers, fans, and coils – providing you with improved air quality and a healthier environment. By improving your indoor air quality and removing the dirt, dust, and particulates that accumulate inside your air ducts, you can reduce allergens, improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, and make the air quality in your property much cleaner.

Dallas Air Duct Cleaning
Our indoor air quality technicians can clean your entire air duct and HVAC system, removing dust and debris from all components and hardware.

Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important

It’s estimated that 20% of Americans suffer from unhealthy air quality inside their homes or workplaces. The molds, mildews, and bacteria that can gather in HVAC systems and air ducts can cause allergy symptoms, hay fever, asthma, and a number of other health and quality of life issues. Furthermore, dirty air ducts and HVAC systems reduce the efficiency of central heating and air conditioning, straining your systems and leading to further energy expenditures. By having your Dallas property’s air ducts cleaned, you can improve your ambient air quality, reducing the health risks associated with dust inhalation, while actually saving on your future energy bills!


You can determine if your air ducts need cleaning through a very easy visual inspection. Use a screwdriver to remove a wall or floor ductwork register – then using a mirror and flashlight, observe the inner ductwork – if there’s any visible sign of dust or debris, the ducts have to be cleaned. This process can also be carried out using a smartphone or digital camera with high quality video functionality.


Power Clean Solutions HVAC Cleaning Process

First, our team will break contaminants loose from the surface of your heating or AC system using an agitation device. Then, we will use a powerful vacuum to collect contaminants and prevent them from spreading around – capturing even the smallest and finest particles to be removed from your property. Then, depending on the setup of your HVAC system, our team will access your duct interiors through openings like return grills, supply diffusers, duct end caps, or any actual service openings (sometimes we will have to create an access panel ourselves, which, of course, will be created and sealed with the utmost professionalism and safety.)

Air Duct Cleaning Basics

If they aren’t properly installed, operated, or maintained, all components of your HVAC and air duct system may become contaminated with dust, pollen, debris, mold, or other particulates, potentially releasing these contaminants into your living or working space. Every home or workspace will naturally accumulate dust and dirt, however, spaces with pets, occupants with asthma or allergies, cigarette or cigar smoking, or any recent water damage or physical damage due to remodeling or renovation have an even stronger need for quality HVAC and air duct cleaning service. 

Proper air duct cleaning will include all aspects of your HVAC system, including:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Drain Pan Cleaning
  • Register Cleaning
  • Grill Cleaning
  • Air Plenum Cleaning
  • Blower Motor and Assembly Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Air Filter Cleaning
  • Air Cleaner Cleaning

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