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Plenum Box and HVAC Service Experts in Dallas, TX

Forced air HVAC systems have proven to be the norm when it comes to the today home construction. It is also considered during renovation. By means of a series of ducts and vents, warm or cold air can be forced out through the blower fan of the said HVAC unit. But in order for the system to work this out properly, it needs a plenum box.

Plenum Box & HVAC Service Experts  in Dallas, TX
Plenum Box & HVAC Service Experts in Dallas, TX

So What’s A Plenum Box?

The plenum within this kind of air conditioning unit comes in the form of an air distribution box. Directly connected to the supply outlets, the plenum passes through a filter to remove dirt, dust and other forms of contaminants. The air pushed through the ducts must go through the supply plenum, or else there is no air conditioning whatsoever taking place in your living space.

What does this mean? The air filters must be replaced or cleaned out on a regular basis. When they accumulate too much dirt, the warm or cool air may only reach the supply plenum, but no further. This results in reduced air coming through the vents, but that is whether anything comes out in the first place.

Additionally, it is coming from the air conditioner itself, the blockage will eventually freeze the insides of the plenum box. As a result, other components behind it will come under and even cause damage to the HVAC units and the cooling fan outside.

Added to a supply plenum, there is also the return version of the box. When freshed air is pumped into your rooms, the one that you have already used is sucked back into the ducts. It is then vented through to the return plenum. Well, there are filters present in this unit also, so the return air gets cleaned and then recycled into the supply plenum for another batch of delivery.

At the end of the day, you can think of the supply plenum as the system that recirculates air on a vehicle. When it is activated, the air outside is no longer sucked into the unit. Rather, the system tries to reuse the original air that is pushed through in order coolin the interiors of the unit as well, not just your home.

Let’s Help You Repair And Maintain

The best way to maintain your supply and return plenum boxes is keeping the air filters as clean as possible on a regular basis. As we have said before, dirty filters are notorious for blocking both the supply and return of air in the unit.

For the former, it would mean that fresh cold or hot air does not reach the vents that they need to reach normally. Then, when it comes to the return plenum, it means potential contaminants such as mold spores and mildew will begin to spread into various rooms of your living space.

Keeping you filters—and ultimately your plenum box— helps every homeowner maintain the proper functioning of their HVAC systems. Additionally, the regular cleaning of the vents will go a long way in sustaining the plenum boxe’s abilities and extending its lifespan.

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