Sanitation For The Entire System

Sanitation For The Entire System in Dallas, TX

Air conditioning units (ACUs) and fan coils are a lot more than just for heating and cooling HVAC systems. They are also saddled with the responsibility of performing the vital task of taking air through occupied spaces. They do this by bringing in the outside air, moving in through a filter, cools, heats or dehumidifies the air. Then, it will reintroduce it into the interior.

Sanitation For The Entire System
Sanitation For The Entire System

According to recent studies, macro-contaminants in your air space can do well and breed in even the cleanest parts of your home or office. They are so persistent, they will eventually lead to increased occurrences of allergies, asthma attacks and other breathing difficulties within your air-conditioned space.

Air conditioners, with their recirculated air at steady temperatures, have been proven to be an ideal breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria and fungi. Thanks to research, we all now know that dirt and debris is always collected, providing a way for contaminants with the essential conditions for them to thrive and multiply.

General HVAC Maintenance

HVAC systems’ air filters, coils, ducts, duct linings and fans require regular maintenance in order for the system to function effectively and efficiently. Neglecting necessary maintenance will result in the steady decline of indoor air quality, HVAC system performance and a significant increase in operating and energy costs.

 The most common maintenance issues are:

  • The build-up of dust and debris on system components such as volume control dampers, coils and filtration which lead to poor air quality, air-flow restrictions and increased energy costs.
  • Corrosion on internal system components such as fans and filter frames etc which contribute to the contamination of a system with corroded particles dropping into and then being recirculated throughout the system.
  • Obstructed condensate drains drastically increase moisture levels within the system leading to mould and bacterial growth. `


Power Clean Solutions provides a deep and comprehensive maintenance service that will keep your HVAC units performing at their optimum capacity. This will also improve air quality and promote a healthy indoor environment, while doing well to keep your ongoing operating and energy costs at the barest minimum.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Through recent research, it has been proven that poor air quality within a house or workplace can lead to increased cases of headaches, allergies, bronchiti and even asthma.

Poor air quality within a workplace has been proven through recent research to lead to increased occurrences of asthma, bronchitis, headaches, allergies or other breathing problems within an air-conditioned space.

The one and the only way any homeowner or employer can be confident about the quality of air that your staff and customers or family and loved ones are breathing is free of microscopic traces of chemicals and biological contaminants like mould and bacteria.

NB: In a case of damaged or inoperable HVAC components, our skilled restoration specialists are trained and equipped to restore, seal and replace insulation of affected ventilation system parts to leave air systems free of pollutants. In a matter of a few hours, those units will be returned to their cost-effective, full operational capacity states to improve your indoor air quality.

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