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Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Colleyville. Another reason why you should want the best Colleyville air duct cleaning services is that it improves the overall environment of your building.

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About Our Cleaning Comapny

Power Clean Solutions - Air Duct Cleaning Colleyville will help you achieve greater work productivity, improved government inspection ratings, a cleaner living or office space, and a more professional image with the improved surrounding.

We scrub, clean, scrape, peel, cut, sandpaper and erase everything living or dead that isn’t supposed to be in your air conditioning systems. We make it easy for them to work and earn you the comfort for your money.

We specialize in guaranteed techniques in air duct cleaning in the Colleyville, with contact vacuuming as well as source removal in our air cleansing processes. Besides, we use High Efficiency (HEPA) vacuums.

Most cleaning service providers simply clean for as far as they can reach into that ductwork, our certified and professional technicians will use manual entry to efficiently reach into and clean even the hard-to-get-at areas within your HVAC system.

Equipment that handle air quality, including all the fresh air and return ducts, cooling and heating coils and fans are thoroughly washes to effectively purge them of dirt, dust and contaminants.

Air diffusers and grilles will be completely clean, reset to their initial positions and then put back into place. As far as it is cleaning, servicing and installation, we are one step ahead of everybody else.

We specialize in each of these things and more…


What Do We Do?

Premium quailty

Wherever necessary, our technicians can install access doors to air ducts, making it easier for them to reach and clean all the components in the system. For another layer of protection against all those puny airborne aliens that can make you sick, Power Clean Solutions can apply a premium quality sanitizer into the inner surfaces of the ductwork and the air handling equipment.

deep cleaning

We offer HVAC deep cleaning services that work specifically to eradicate viral and bacterial germs that may be pulling the weight of your air conditioning appliances. All the accessible internal components of the HVAC unit will be vacuum-cleaned to get rid of both the invisible and visible contaminants. The coils, blower housings, condensate drain pans and blowers will be deeply cleaned using high pressure washing, as recommended.

Power Clean Solutions

total cleaning

All the compartments of the air handling system will be cleaned, including the exterior air intake, filter plenum, return air plenum and supply plenum. Following the cleaning process, a certified, licensed, trained, experienced and well-equipped technician will apply mixtures to the interior surfaces of the unit and AHU components. The disinfectant is applied to the interior services with the aid of a suitable spray of fogging machine.

full protection

Or do you want surface coating? Yes, you might. Where air ducts that are lined with fiberglass have begun to deteriorate or get contaminated, we can apply a highly protective coating to prevent fibers from breaking loose and become a part of the air flow. In addition, the same coating contains an antimicrobial agent, one that provides for long-term protecting against the rejuvenation of mold and bacteria in your vents.


Steam cleaning can also remove the dirt and debris from the cooling coils on an air handling system. After cleaning it, the flow rate across the coils can be increased by 1200 cfm (cubic feet per minute). This could also improve its energy efficiency by as much as 78 percent. Ultimately, this entire process can reduce your energy costs by 48 percent on whatever payment basis.

Why Choose Us?

Condenser coils that have been fouled with dust, dirt and grime cannot work as properly as they ought to when supplying heat transfer. This leads to a greater energy consumption rate in your household.

By cleaning the condenser coils associated with the air conditioning unit, it would not only help the system cool a lot more effectively, but also goes the long way of reducing the amount of power you consume on a basis.

When our technicians are cleaning condenser coils, they use soft bristle brushes to push the dirt off. Then, they make use of a low-volume, low-pressure wash system to thoroughly flush the remains off the coils without causing any harm to the fins. It is a vital thing to clean the coils in the spring well before the AC starts learning how to cope during the hot summer months of the year.

We can come to your location any time and any day.

We can come to your location any time and any day.

In addition to our full-stack inspection, cleaning and repair services, Power Clean Solutions restores HVAC systems with:

As longtime consultants in the space, we adhere to the internationally recognized standards for HVAC cleaning and restoration.

The ACR Standard

(Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration) establishes minimum performance requirements for:

The ACR Standard also focuses on how to prevent job-related hazards, such as exposure to workers and building occupants, and cross-contamination to the indoor environment.

UV Light Installation

Ultraviolet lights have the ability to remove mold and other microorganisms from wherever is their source, at least just before they start to affect the indoor air quality of your home. Through this way, we can determine whether your system is compatible with UV lights and install them for you.

Electrostatic Filter

Also Known As (AKA) The “Washable Filter”

As you must already know, filters are stuff that need to be cleaned or replaced frequently. If not, the dirt on the cooling and heating systems will be greater. Choosing a filter for your furnace or air conditioner can seem full of tradeoffs.

You just have to tighten it enough to weave to catch the smaller particles like pollen and fine dust. And, it can restrict the airflow just like a dirty filter does. Ultimately,. This makes your system work harder and wear it out. But if you end up with the looser weave, it won’t just get the smaller particles.

sPower Clean Solutions is quite proud to offer you a better solution. Electrostatic filters combine the best of both worlds – with electrostatic filtration and mechanical filtration all in one, reusable filter.

Our technicians will make darn sure that the efficiency rating of your filter matches the efficiency rating recommended by the manufacturer of your furnace, and that the filter is appropriate for your system. Just wash monthly.

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Our phone representatives are waiting to answer your questions. Call today to schedule your free air duct video inspection.

Why choose us?

Our phone representatives are waiting to answer your questions. Call today to schedule your free air duct video inspection.

Dustless Duct offers several services that complement the air duct and HVAC cleaning for fresher, less contaminated indoor air. These complementary services are:

Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality. Make it a priority to inspect the air ductwork of your home or business. If your HVAC has been operating for some time without attention, it could be circulating odors, dust and other contaminants.

Power Clean Solutions routinely inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC).  Keeping them clean can extend the life of the equipment. This can in turn save you money and give you cleaner air to breathe.

However, air duct cleaning is not always necessary. Our service-oriented professionals will make recommendations about the best way to address any indoor air quality concerns. This can save you money and provide peace of mind on the health of your system.

The benefits of servicing your HVAC unit include:

Helps reduce the potential for mold growth.

May help to eliminate offensive odors.

Helps to restore peak energy efficiency.

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For more information on air duct cleaning contact your local Power Clean Solutions today. With more than enough numbers of them out there in Colleyville, there is definitely one nearby and ready to serve you.

Our services are way better than the one you want to pay that smaller money for and stand the risk of getting a botched job on your ductwork just when you cannot afford it. Rather than paying a quack, hire professionals and give yourself some rest of mind in the longest term.

We look forward to working with you!

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