Guide to Dryer Vent Hoses

Dryer vent cleaning Dallas

It’s important to pay close attention to what kind of hoses are installed at your home or business dryer vents as this makes a major impact on your dryer safety and energy efficiency. In this blog entry, the Dallas, Texas dryer vent cleaning experts will detail the various types of dryer vent hoses, and what’s the best type for your dryer.

Why Dryer Vent Cleaning is Essential

Dryer vent cleaning Dallas

Dryer vent cleaning is just one aspect of the home maintenance necessary to keep a clean and healthy household. In this blog entry, the dryer vent cleaning experts here at Power Clean Solutions will detail how dryer vent cleaning can make your home a much safer and healthier solace.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that some thousands of structural fires happen every year as a result of cloth dryers? According to estimates, those fires incur over one hundred million dollars of property loss each year, not to mention the gory injuries and the slow deaths. The most common harbinger of dryer fires is a clogged dryer […]

Commercial Sanitation

Residential Sanitation Service in Dallas, TX

See, your business is our business. Our dedicated commercial account representatives and technicians will have consultations with you. The theme is determining the specific needs of your business, from ongoing preventative maintenance to emergency repairs and replacements. Power Clean Solutions At Your Service A clean ductwork is often the first major step when it comes […]

Coil Cleaning Services

Coil Cleaning Services in Dallas, TX

Coil cleaning is an important practice if you want to make sure you have a preventive maintenance program for your house. Our coil services enable condenser and evaporator coils to operate in the most effective manner, removing some zeros from your energy costs while improving the performance of its very own unit. Do not neglect […]

Clean Ducts And Vents

Clean Ducts And Vents

On a frequent basis, people ask us about duct and vent cleaning services. Power Clean Solutions offers these services too, so we would always want you to make the best of the most informed decisions. Now, why should you consider having your ducts cleaned? Plus, what should you expect during the service process? Why’s It […]

Chimney Cleaning Services

Having a chimney and a fireplace inside your living space comes with a certain level of responsibility that a lot of homeowners tend to put off until it becomes absolutely necessary. When we talk of responsibility, we talk of the kind that doesn’t allow mistakes that set the house on fire, for example, to happen. […]

Blower Cleaning

Blower Motor Cleaning and Maintenance in Dallas, TX

Winter is coming. Furnaces are one of the most frequent types of heating systems in plenty of homes. For families that want a central heating system, they usually go with raw furnaces because they are often easy to install. There is an abundance of furnace installers and professionals who can clean and maintain one. But […]