Clean Ducts And Vents

Clean Ducts And Vents

On a frequent basis, people ask us about duct and vent cleaning services. Power Clean Solutions offers these services too, so we would always want you to make the best of the most informed decisions. Now, why should you consider having your ducts cleaned? Plus, what should you expect during the service process?

Why’s It So Important?

Well, a clean duct system translates to cleaner air for you and your loved ones. In semblance like bookshelves in an old library, ductworks get dustry over time. They can collect quite the amount of dirt, dust, pollen, fungi, allergies and pet dander.

All of this is then circulated into your home, which means you will take it into your lungs one way or the other. Uh, that’s not a good thing. It significantly messes up with the indoor air quality of your property, as well as the comfort within. This is most important for people who suffer from allergies and conditions like asthma.

When Do I Know When You Need Duct Cleaning?

How do you know it when it is time to put a dress of yours in the laundry assembly? If the furniture or drapes in your living space become dusty, it means that your residence is about a decade old.

If your family member’s allergies are coming right off the blue, it is perhaps time to look under the HVAC hood. Those are good signs that you should look to hire some duct and vent cleaning services.

Did you recently remodel your house? If yes, then there is no arguing that you didn’t stir up more than enough dust to warrant a thorough cleaning. Before you sit to enjoy that new look, make sure the air you’ll be breathing won’t soil the whole experience.

Some ducts and vents have been dirty from the time the home went up. In the 70s, 80s and 90s, it was pretty much common for builders to not clean the ducts after finishing up the constructions done inside the house. We recommend, according to international standards, that you clean your ducts and vents at least every 5 years.

What Do We Offer?

Power Clean Solutions starts the process by taking some snapshots of the inside of your ductwork. That is done to document the before condition. Afterwards, our professional determines the best cleaning technique for your HVAC situation.

Lastly, the technician deodorizes the ducts and gives you after photos so you can notice the difference. Depending on the size of your home and the nature of the work needed, the entire process could take two to eight hours.

All duct cleaning services are not created equal, regardless. Keep a peeled eye out of low-priced services, because most of them do nothing more than taking off your registers and cleaning out the supply duct with a wet/dry vacuum for as far as their arms can reach. That’s not thorough.

Power Clean Solutions is one of the best duct and vent cleaning services providers to work with. Just give us a call.

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