Dealing With Rodents in Air Ducts

In this Blog entry, the professional Dallas air duct cleaning and Dallas HVAC cleaning service team here at Power Clean Solutions will provide some excellent tips for dealing with and mitigating the damages caused by rodents living inside air ducts.

Signs of Rodents in Air Ducts

There are a range of signs of rodents inside air ducts. If you notice a horrible smell coming from your air ducts, it indicates the possible presence of a rodent.t he smell could be coming from mouse urine, mouse droppings, or even a dead mouse. This is very dangerous, as it can cause serious illnesses. 

Another sign of rodents in air ducts is hearing crawling noises back and forth in your air ducts, especially in the middle of the night. An additional sign of rodents in air ducts is allergy symptoms flaring up even when it’s not allergy season.s oem of these include breathing issues, itchy eyes, coughing, and other signs of poor air quality.

Preventing Rodents in Air Ducts

Gap Sealing

Rodents can get into tight spaces. They’re almost designed for this. Close any gaps in your ductwork. There might be cracking and gaps throughout your air duct system which allow mice to move around as they please. seal these cats with matt. This will prevent rodents from entering your air ducts and creating nests.

Replacing Air Ducts

 While ceiling gaps can prevent rodents from entering your air ducts, you might need to replace your air ducts if the experience of major infestation of rodents this might be your last recourse.  However, a fantastic idea is simply getting your air ducts cleaned, as air duct cleaning and maintenance service can help remove rodent nests, rodents, and bacteria, and mold associated with rodent infestation.

Contact Power Clean Solutions

 contact the professional airtuck cleaning and HVAC system cleaning team here at Power Clean Solutions. our highly skilled and experienced ductwork sanitization service people will rapidly sanitize, clean, and disinfect your ductwork, HVAC system, and air duct system from all microbes associated with rodent infestation, while additionally cleaning out any potential living rodents, rodents, or dead rodents that have expired inside your ductwork. contact Power Clean Solutions for Rapid answers for all of your ductwork cleaning needs. 

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