Why is Ductwork Sanitization Important?

In this blog entry, our expert Dallas ductwork cleaning and Dallas HVAC cleaning team will detail why it’s important to sanitize your ductwork.

What are the common substances found in ductwork?

  1. Mold –  Ductwork allows mold to easily travel throughout your home, potentially causing respiratory issues like bronchitis or asthma, as well as causing allergy issues like skin irritation or rashes.
  2. Bacteria –  household bacteria or dangerous bacterial pathogens like E. coli can rapidly build up in your air ducts without regular cleaning, causing issues like pneumonia or food poisoning
  3. Pet Dander – Cats and dogs both shed lots of dander which can cause allergies or asthma symptoms. Most pet owners don’t know about this, and it’s very important to make sure that these allergens on your surfaces don’t get moved around throughout your home when passed through a HVAC system.
  4. Dust –  Dust is composed of dirt and other household particles like pollen or pulverized parts of insects. Many people experience allergic symptoms when these particles are stirred up and moved around your home.

Where exactly in the home are allergens usually located?

  1. Showers and Bathtubs  Mold is the most common bathroom allergen, but een substances like built up hair or soap scum can cause issues when they build up
  2. Closets – Clothing, especially when left on the ground after being washed, as well as shoes, can cause lots of moisture build up that causes mold, mildew, and nasty smells.
  3. Garbage –  Garbage and garbage cans cause pests to accumulate, even mice! Garbage can also cause bad smells, and attract flies!
  4. Floors and Floorboards– Floorboards can easily house rodents that eat pieces of plants or food that’s left out.

We recommend cleaning your ductwork at least once a year. If you want to actually improve your home air quality, you need to clean vents, rid your home of mold, and sanitize all surfaces in your home from the floor to the ceiling.

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