Controlling Spring Allergies

 Here’s a guide to controlling the symptoms and signs of spring allergies, as prepared by the expert Dallas air duct cleaning and Dallas HVAC cleaning team here at Power Clean Solutions.

Showering Before Bed

We recommend showering before bed to remove pollen and other particles of allergens that might have collected on your clothing or hair, and can then transfer to your bed, where they can remain to irritate your system for days, causing sneezing symptoms.


Make sure to regularly vacuum to remove dander and pollen. This is especially the case if you live in an area with tons of trees, particular allergy triggering trees, and especially pets. By regularly using a vacuum cleaner to clean surfaces, you can ensure that your floors stay clean and your breathing isn’t bothered by particles of allergens.

Air Duct Cleaning

This is absolutely the most important thing you can do to avoid spring allergy symptoms. Clean and well functioning air ducts are absolutely crucial to the indoor air quality of your home. By cleaning your air ducts you can drastically reduce allergens, remove nasty smells, and improve the general airflow of your property the dirtier your air ducts are, the worse your allergy symptoms will be – as well as potential other repository symptoms, as dirty air ducts are associated with a higher chance of breathing in mold, bacteria, and allergens. This is why it’s absolutely critical to have your Dallas air ducts regularly – and professionally – cleaned and sanitized.

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