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Chimney Cleaning Service Dallas

If you enjoy fires in your Dallas area fireplace at any point during the year, it’s essential that you have your chimneys cleaned. In Dallas, Chimney cleaning is absolutely essential if you notice smells emanating from your chimney, strange sounds in your chimney, or smoke moving into your home when you use your fireplace. The United States’ Chimney Safety Institute recommends that home chimneys are inspected on a yearly basis, and cleaned every 1 to 3 years, depending on how often the fireplace is used.

Dallas Chimney Cleaning
Power Clean Solutions specializes in chimney sweep, fireplace cleaning, chimney inspection & chimney repair services in Dallas, TX.

Why Chimney Cleaning is Important

When fires are lit in your fireplace, substances like soot, smoke, creosote, and vapor settle on the flue walls of the chimney after it cools. This corrosive build up can cause holes in the chimney wall, lower the chimney’s effectiveness at expelling smoke due to air flow restriction – which causes smoke to move back into your home, and even increases the risk of fires.

Power Clean Solutions chimney cleaning service includes thorough chimney sweeping and cleaning, removing all loose debris from chimneys, including soot and creosote. All areas of your chimney including it’s flue walls, damper, hearth, smoke shelf, and smoke chamber will be fully cleaned of debris – and inspected for any damage.

Power Clean Solutions can help restore your chimneys to good-as-new quality, allowing you the peace of mind in knowing that you can safely relax and enjoy the luxury of your safe and operational fireplace.

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