Preventing Allergies with HVAC Systems

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By having your HVAC system regularly cleaned, you can avoid the annoying health and quality of life issues associated with pollen and spring allergies. In this blog entry, the Dallas HVAC system cleaning experts here at Power Clean Solutions will detail how you can prevent Spring allergies through smart HVAC system cleaning services.

Protecting your Interiors from Pollen

Pollen spores are some of the hardest allergens to prevent, since they have incredibly small particles. Pollen particles are commonly found inside HVAC systems, where they are then spread around your house when you heat or cool your property. That’s why many people still experience symptoms of allergies even when staying indoors. Reduce pollen and allergies inside your home by:

  • HVAC system allergen filter installation
  • Regular ventilation system cleaning
  • Keeping air conditioners on and windows / doors closed
  • Regularly changing your HVAC system filter
  • Regular professional HVAC system maintenance

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