Improving Indoor Air Quality in Winter

The increased usage of heating and central air systems in the cold months of Winter are – sometimes – associated with a decrease in air quality, especially when HVAC systems aren’t clean. In this blog entry, the central air system sanitization experts here at Power Clean Solutions will detail some expert tips on how to improve your indoor air quality in the Winter.

Open Your Windows

If your windows are left shut for a long time during cold Winter months, aerosolized particles will stay in your interior for a while. If you keep your windows closed, we recommend using only natural cleaning products. Toxic chemicals in cleaning products can stay for a while in your air causing health issues.

Plant Care

Plants help to purify and clean air automatically. They filter out chemicals, and fill your house with clean, self-generated doxygen. They can even help breathing over time!

Always Vacuum

Extra dust that isn’t eliminated from vacuuming or sweeping is moved around your interior airflow, corrupting the air. It’s essential to vacuum any carpeting or rugs, as carpets can hold a massive amount of dust and unhealthy particles. We recommend the regular usage of a vacuum with a HEPA filter, as these do the best job of eliminating even the tiniest unwanted particles from your surfaces.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

The top action you can take to improve your indoor air quality (during the Winter, as well as in the Spring, Summer, and Fall,) is to have your air ducts professionally inspected and cleaned. Even if you carry out the above tips, a dirty air duct that holds contaminants and recycles dirty air around your interior will still degrade your air quality. The professional air duct cleaning experts here at Power Clean Solutions can rapidly and expertly clean your air ducts and HVAC systems in a simple matter of minutes, and always for a fair and budget-friendly rate.

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