Keeping Winter Air Ducts Clean

In this blog entry, the Dallas ductwork cleaning and Dallas air duct cleaning service experts here at Power Clean Solutions will detail some expert tips for keeping your air ducts clean during the Winter.

Air Quality Improvement

When air is moved through ventilation systems, allergens like mildew, mold, and other pollutants can easily settle on the vents and ductwork throughout the system, as air filters don’t always catch everything. By making sure your air ducts are spotlessly clean, you can drastically improve the air quality in your property.

Pollution Reduction

You can eliminate contaminants from the air by regularly cleaning your air ducts. Pollutants can include tobacco smoke, cooking fumes, mold, viruses, and dust particles. They need to be cleaned on a regular basis to remove these contaminants, otherwise contaminants will build up and pollute the air.

Temperature Control

Clogged HVAC systems affect air duct quality. Air duct and HVAC system performance is seriously affected by clogged particulates. When air ducts are cleaned, debris that blocks the airflow will be removed, allowing fresh air to cleanly filter throughout.

Running Cost Reduction

If you want to lower your electric bill, regularly cleaning your air duct can assist, as removing blockages from air ducts will remove the need for your uct system to spend more energy than necessary to properly do their job. There will be a significant reduction in the costs of heating and cooling when your HVAC system is properly working. Properly functioning HVAC units will lower the costs of system maintenance, and increase the general lifetime of the unit.

Repair Cost Reduction

Clogged air duct systems exude dirty air, but also work much harder to achieve the same temperature, which eventually makes the systems break down faster, as they get more mechanically stressed. This will lead to the need to spend money on repairs. Regularly cleaning air duct systems will assist you in avoiding the need to spend these repair costs in the future.

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