Cleaning Interior and Exterior Air Ducts

In this blog entry, the Dallas Air Duct Repair and Dallas HVAC system cleaning team here at Power Clean Solutions will detail the most important things to know about cleaning interior air ducts and cleaning exterior air ducts.

Cleaning Interior Air Ducts

It’s essential to conduct proper dryer duct maintenance. When dryer ducts aren’t regularly cleaned, lint and debris can easily catch fire due to the extreme heat of the air that passes through the hose. In order to clean your internal dryer ducts, it’s essential to have the head of a hose of a vacuum or shop vac, and lots of patience. The majority of lint can easily be removed with your hands, but many pieces of lint can get stuck in the back of the hose. By disconnecting your hose from the dryer to allow it to properly work with your vacuum, you’re ensuring safety.

Cleaning Exterior Air Ducts

Many people don’t know that there’s actually two components to dryer duct cleaning. First is the process of cleaning the duct itself, and then after that is the process of cleaning the exterior vent which is connected to the duct on the exterior of your home. Cleaning the exterior vent is easy but it’s essential to remove the vent from the side of the house while the hose is still detached. Then all you have to do is use a shop vac, a leaf blower, or a vacuum hose to remove the lint. Once it’s all good after this, you can simply place the exterior vent back on.

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