Top Chimney Care Habits

In this blog entry, the Dallas fireplace cleaning and Dallas chimney cleaning experts here at Power Clean Solutions will detail the best tactics and habits for chimney care.

Chimney Safety Tools

  • Fireplace tools – these come in sets that can help you safely move wood and ash without causing danger or making a mess. Find a set with an ash shovel, a poker to move wood, tongs to move wood, and a broom to clean ash. Many sets come with hanging racks that can be installed or placed near the fireplace
  • Mesh screens – these block dangerous embers from flying into your home. 
  • Ash buckets – these are meant to scoop up ash that remains after your fire. Make sure to let ash, embers, and leftover wood cool down before you get rid of ash. You can use cool ash in compost (but you can only use a little) or to melt ice
  • Andirons – also known as firedogs, these brackets hold up firewood. They enable better air circulation for better and cleaner wood burning.
  • Wood holder – holders can be used to safely and conveniently hold dry wood. Just make sure to keep it away from your fireplace.
  • Fire globes – these high-heat protectant fire globes can be used to easily adjust logs in your fire without burning your hands
  • Hearth rugs – these protect hardwood or carpet flooring nearby your fireplace from the danger of flying hot embers.

Proper Wood for Fireplaces

We recommend using dry hardwoods. They last longer than softwood, and usually produce more wheat. We recommend birch, dense oak, ash, and wood bricks. We do not recommend soft woods, as they produce more soot and burn more quickly (making them a good OUTDOOR fire starter wood.) Don’t use wet wood, as it’s burn resistant and makes a lot of smoke. Don’t use endangered wood species (and check local regulations before cutting down trees to use as firewood.) Don’t use bushes, leaves, or other refuse in your fireplace, as it can be incredibly smoky, as well as potentially toxic.

Additionally, make sure to regularly have your chimneys cleaned. Contact Power Clean Solutions for instant solutions for all of your chimney cleaning needs!

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