When To Replace Your Heater

In this blog entry, the Dallas HVAC cleaning and Dallas HVAC repair service experts here at Power Clean Solutions will detail the best times to replace your heater.

Buy A New Heater When:

Your Heater is Over a Decade old

If your heater is over 10 years old, it needs to be replaced. Heaters are usually only built to last 10-15 years, but it’s usually on the low end of this. It’s important to start considering when it’s time to replace your heater before the first 10 years of its life are up in order to prevent the potential for a breakdown. 

Your Heater Needs Constant Repairs

If you have to repair your home heater frequently – especially more than every few years, you should replace your heater. Regular heating repairs will necessitate spending tons and tons of money. While replacing your heater can also be expensive, it’s a better investment than to regularly and constantly repair your heater.

Problems With Temperature Regulation

Your heater should easily warm up your entire home. If your home is having trouble heating up, or if you’re having issues KEEPING your home warm, consider buying a new system.

Expensive Energy Bills

Are your home energy bills more expensive than they used to be? If they are, can you figure out why it might be happening? If you can’t figure out a specific reason why, it’s probably a serious issue with your heater sizing ability or heater efficiency. Sometimes repair won’t be able to fully fix the issue – and heater replacement may be a much better bet.

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