Fireplace and Chimney Safety

Check out these essential tips for holiday fireplace and chimney safety, as prepared by the expert Dallas fireplace cleaning and Dallas chimney cleaning service experts here at Power Clean Solutions.

Professional Fireplace and Chimney Inspection

Always make sure a professional chimney safety technician inspects your fireplace and chimney before fireplace use season. Clean out any built up creosote from your chimney, and make sure there’s no potential chimney issues that require repairs, like cracked flues.

Check Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If there’s chimney issues, like smoke being pushed by the damper into your home, protect yourself with a working carbon monoxide detector and a smoke detector check that your detectors are armed with fresh batteries, and run a test on them using the test button to make sure that they are working.

Safe Ash Disposal

If your fireplace is a wood burning fireplace, always carefully dispose of your ashes in order to prevent fires.

Never Burn Trees in Fireplaces

Oddly enough, many people try to get rid of their Christmas tree or other holiday greenery by burning it in their fireplaces. This creates a TON of smoke, is very dangerous, and creates a serious fire hazard in your home.

Keep Gifts Away from Fireplace

Make sure all gifts, wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, clothing, and all flammable materials are kept far from your fireplaces. Adhesives that are often contained in glue and tape can rapidly ignite as they are highly flammable, and many forms of tissue and wrapping paper can also constitute a very serious and dangerous fire hazard. Keep all objects a very safe and conservative distance from your fireplace

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