Protecting Outdoor HVAC Units

In this blog entry, the Dallas air duct cleaning experts and Dallas dryer vent cleaning service team here at Power Clean Solutions will detail how to protect your outdoor HVAC units.

HVAC Unit Covers

HVAC unit covers are ideal to keep HVAC system exterior components safe during rainy or snowy weather. HVAC unit covers also prevent leaves, debris, or dirt from falling into HVAC system coils and blocking airflow. Blocked airflow makes your heating or cooling far less efficient, increasing energy bills, and causes damage to HVAC systems over time. Ensure that you don’t use a plastic cover for your HVAC unit, as plastic is not breathable, and can trap moisture.

Keeping HVAC Unit Areas Clean

Outdoor HVAC units are usually built ruggedly to handle harsh conditions, but they will last longer if you keep them clean, as well as their surrounding area. Regularly clean dust and leaves out of the HVAC unit condenser, and cut vegetation down two feet around the unit to make sure that airflow remains solid – vegetation can clog the system, and can even draw pests that can infest your HVAC system.

Fencing your HVAC Unit

We recommend placing a fence around your HVAC unit in order to hide it and prevent pests from being able to enter your unit. Create a wall that allows for solid airflow – you can use smartly placed vegetation (two feet away!) or other breathable and water resistant materials. Make sure to design the fence so that your HVAC unit can be easily accessed for maintenance. By properly maintaining your outdoor HVAC unit, you can make sure that your HVAC system has ideal levels of longevity and that your property can stay comfortable throughout the year.

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