Saving Money With Air Filter Configurations

In this blog entry, the professional Dallas, Texas dryer vent cleaning and air vent cleaning experts here at Power Clean Solutions will detail how to save money through HVAC, air duct, and temperature modulation.

Temperature Changing

While this might seem unappealing at first, it actually can make a huge difference in home temperature regulation and energy costs. In Summer, set your thermostat to about 78 Farenheit, which might make your home a little warmer than you like, but much cooler than how hot it is outside. In the Winter, set your thermostat just slightly lower than you’d normally like it. This can save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars on your annual energy bill and ensure that your HVAC system lasts longer.

Ceiling Fans

Use ceiling fans in the Summer to cool yourself down with airflow and still allow your thermostat to be set higher. In the Winter, ceiling fans can push down rising heat from the ceilings, making your HVAC system work less hard to disperse heat throughout your household.

Prompt Air Filter Changing

When you buy an air filter, it will have a particular rating telling you how long it will last before it has to be changed, usually about a month. If you wait even a few days after this period, dust and dirt can easily enter your HVAC system, reducing lubrication and causing parts to grind together. We recommend changing air filters slightly more than is deemed to be necessary. This makes sure that your air filter is always working at its absolute best without getting clogged. This is especially true if you have children or pets since that means you probably have more dirt and germs in your house. This can eventually save you thousands of dollars.

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