Ensuring Clean Air Duct System Operation

HVAC systems, when clean, rapidly distribute cooled or heated air throughout your interiors, for maximum comfort. However, when not sanitary, a range of issues can crop up. In this blog entry, the Dallas HVAC system sanitization team here at Power Clean Solutions will detail some expert tactics for making sure your home air quality and clean air duct system are operating with maximum cleanliness. 

Air Circulation

Make sure air can circulate throughout your house by opening up windows and using ventilation fans. This will move stale air out of your house, and dilute how many infectious particles might remain in your interior air. This can make you far more comfortable in hot weather. Even if it’s very hot out, consider sometimes turning off your air conditioner and opening up windows in order to improve your home air quality.


The Winter has more Flu because it’s a dryer season. The flu and some other viruses survive better in low humidity environments. Homes with a general humidity level between 40 and 60 percent have fewer flu germs or on surfaces. Winter humidity can also reduce dry skin, and allow your respiratory system to have a healthy level of protective secretions. Consider buying a high quality humidifier with UV germ killing features. 

Ultraviolet Lighting

Ultraviolet light rapidly kills germs. UV-C (the type of UV light that kills germs) technology is becoming more affordable, being used inside homes and even restaurants. One popular choice is the installation of a UV-C light directly into HVAC systems that will automatically disinfect the air as it moves through it. Make sure that if you purchase a humidifier that it also has a UV-C light inside it. 

Air Filtration

Purchase a single room air purifier that can remove particulates and germs from your interior air using a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. HEPA filters are mats of fiberglass fibers that capture particulate matter. You can also install filters inside your HVAC systems- but take care to have them changed on a regular basis.

HVAC Area Cleanliness

Make sure to keep the general area around your furnace and HVAC systems clean. Use a shop vacuum to clean the surfaces around your furnace or any openings to your HVAC system on a semi-regular basis. Air conditioners use indoor and outdoor equipment, and even if your duct work air filter doesn’t touch the outdoors, it does touch the indoor evaporator coil which is usually also located near your furnace. Make sure to clean the area around window air conditioners as well to avoid the spread of germs.

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