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HVAC system maintenance is an absolute must to ensure interior air quality, ambient temperature comfort, and reasonable energy bills. In this blog entry, the Dallas residential HVAC system maintenance team here at Power Clean Solutions will provide a brief but important guide to HVAC system maintenance and HVAC airflow issues.

The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system maintenance is essential in order to ensure your HVAC system adequately warms or cools your home. It allows airflow to spread throughout your property at a more steady rate, and prevents your HVAC unit from overworking itself, which can rapidly degrade its machinery., through HVAC system attendance, you can reduce the chances of needing HVAC system repairs in the future. HVAC maintenance reduces HVAC system wear and tear, increasing HVAC lifespan, lowering energy bills, and improving home air quality. Dirty or clogged up filters spread dust, allergens, germs, or other harmful particulate matter into your property, increasing the risk of respiratory illness. Through cleaning and replacement of HVAC system filters, you can improve respiratory health, and reduce the risk of needing emergency repairs.

Potential HVAC Airflow Issues

Many things can be wrong with HVAC units and caue airflow issues. Airflow issues can be caused by low levels of refrigerant chemical, dirty coils, broken thermostats, obstructed condenser units, or leaking ducts. Other issues include clogged filters, blocked up vents, dirty condenser coils, blocked or closed dampers, or dented or otherwise damaged HVAC units (or damaged internal HVAC system components.) Any of these issues – or many more – could be the cause of reduced, impacted, or fully defunct HVAC system operations.

Identifying HVAC System Issues

In order to determine if you’re experiencing an HVAC system issue, first check your home electricity. Then check your thermostat settings, and if your thermostat has batteries. Then analyze your filters and see if they need to be changed, have any damages, or require the removal of dust or other debris. If the filters are fine, then check the other comments of your HVAC system for any dents, breakage, or blockage. If you cannot find any issue, contact an expert HVAC system repair team, like those here at Power Clean Solutions for more assistance. Keep in mind that some clear issues that indicate serious problems with your HVAC system include weird furnace noises, bad odors, exhaust smell, or extremely overheating, hot to the touch HVAC units. Any and all of these issues need to be handled by an expert HVAC system repair team ASAP.

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