Signs that Indicate your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

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Air duct grime, dirt, and dust build up can not only increase your energy bills and shorten your HVAC system lifespan, but cause health issues to those inside your home. In this blog entry, the HVAC cleaning experts here at Power Clean Solutions will detail the main signs that indicate that your air ducts require cleaning.


Heating and cooling systems can develop condensation which grows mold in ductwork – especially in humid areas. Mold can be visually spotted by vent covers, but is usually in areas impossible to see by the eye – making air duct mold hard to detect. Mold can be detected by it’s musty odor. Air duct cleaning can help remove and eliminate mold from air ducts while also implementing precautions against mold-loving excess moisture in your home.


Even clean homes can have HVAC systems full of dust – and HVAC systems full of dust tend to blow more dust around when they are turned on. Look at your air supply and return vents to see if they have any dirt or dust. If they do, remove them and look into the ductwork for any dust. Prevent dust buildup by cleaning HVAC air filters on a regular basis.

Pest Infestation

Mice, squirrels, or insects can infest duct work, leaving behind nests and droppings which can contaminate air quality. Rodents love the warmth and shelter of ductwork – and they can be inspected by telltale droppings, chewed up materials, or weird smells. Pests in HVAC systems can be eliminated through professional exterminators working with professional HVAC repair teams.

Renovation Issues

Construction and renovation is messy, causing lots of debris or dust to fly around. Unless your HVAC system was fully shut off and covered during the entirety of the construction process, it likely contains dust and dirt from the process.

Energy Cost Increase

If your energy bills are notably high, it might be due to dirty ductwork. Ductwork that’s dirty and clogged has to work harder to heat and cool your home – leading to higher energy bills. Have your HVAC system professional inspected and cleaned, and see if this lowers your energy bill!

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